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Take care of your dogs mental health with Smart Dog Toys.

Today we are going to talk about Smart Dog Toys.

Smart Dog Toys help to stimulate your dog's mental health and prevent your dog from chewing your shoes or wreaking havoc from boredom also stimulate them both physically & mentally.

What are Smart Dog Toys:

- Dog Puzzle

- Treat toys

- Bubble toys
- Interactive Feeder

Most of these dog boredom fighting smart dog toys are durable

And most importantly are safe.

Dog Puzzle.

Dog puzzle are mostly just dog food tray with flap that force your dog To sniff out his treats or kibble, That good for your dog mental health by stimulating his brain and his sense of smell that will later help you when training your dog.

A good example for this kind of Smart Dog Toys is:

Paw Flapper.

Smart Dog Toys

It’s a compact Smart Dog Toys that is like food feeder with flap, It has 8 slots for treat or kibble to be hidden for your dog to open the flap and Find his treat in 1 or multiple slots so you could make it as easy or As challenging as you like to stimulate your dog senses.

It good for your dog because It force him to use is sense of smell and his brain To search for the treat and is fun to watch him go too.

Treat toys.

Treat toys are another good example of Smart Dog Toys that stimulate your dog senses of smell and brain.

Those toys are chew toys with hole you could fill With treat or kibble and you dog as to find it using his smell With treat or kibble and you dog as to find it using his smell Paws and tongue to pull them out.

A good example for this kind of Smart Dog Toys is:

West Paw Toppl

Smart Dog Toys

It’s the perfect Smart Dog Toys.

That is a combination of a chew toy a puzzle toy and treat dispenser toy and dogs of all seize will enjoy, It’s made out of Zogoflex is an amazingly tough material used to make durable dog toys it buoyant, pliable and designed to be recycled.

It’s BPA-and-phthalate-free, FDA compliant (meaning it’s safe to eat off of) Guaranteed to Last, For more challenge to your dog Interlock two different sizes of the Toppl dog toys (sold separately).

Buy these Smart Dog Toys.

from West Paw Toppl and other Zogoflex toys at: ActiveDogToys.

Bubble toys.

Bubble toys are not that much of a Smart Dog Toys however is it a great toy to keep your dog from boredom and give them lots of physical activity.

A good example for this kind of Smart Dog Toys is:

Bubbletastic Dog Bubble Machine

Smart Dog Toys

It's battery operated and it's automatic so you just set it and let you furry friend enjoy it plus it's bacon scented you dog will love it and maybe your husband too ☺.

​It's safe for dog and kids, However if your dog is a good bubble popper you may want to limit playing time to 20 - 30 min per day even if that safe the soap in the bubble may upset their stomach if they eat too much of it.

Fun feeder​.

​Fun feeder - Sometime called slow feeder is more of a food tray for kibble and treat then a Smart Dog Toys and serve a few good purpose as well.

It force your furry friend to sniff out the treat and excite their senses and slow them down while eating treats or kibbles.

It's meant to be use with small dry treat & ​kibble but if you have some soft kibble you may be able to try it too, Most of them are dishwasher safe and also BPA free.​

A good example for this kind of Smart Dog Toys is:

The Northmate Green Feeder.

Smart Dog Toys

It's great to slow down your dog while eating that will prevent choking or bloating and even vomiting from eating too fast, dogs of all sizes and ages will enjoy it.

It's made of hard plastic (without BPA & phthalates).

Therefore can be used both indoors or outdoor and is also completely safe to be cleaned in the dishwasher and will keep your furry baby entertain for hours.

It's recommended to use hard kibble and treat like the one in our previous post​: Dog food allergy – best hypoallergenic / raw diet.

Find the Best Smart Dog Toys @ ActiveDogToys.

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